Peoples Group

Brand Research & Strategy

Jeremy Whittingstall | Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Case Study

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The Problem: As one of Canada’s most unique financial institutions Peoples Group offers highly tailored commercial banking and lending solutions to some of the worlds best-known brands, as well as some of the highest personal savings rates in the country. Consisting of three subsidiaries, Peoples Trust, Peoples Card Services, and Peoples Payment Solutions, managing a consistent brand and brand strategy had become difficult as each line of business has vastly different clientele, products and market focuses.  Loomo was engaged to begin a full-scale brand audit to help define the brand from the inside out and set plans to grow Peoples Group both now and in the future.

Loomo is our laser, helping our team focus on opportunities for improving our brand, creative, and communications efforts from the inside out.

The Data: The Loomo team spent nearly half a year researching Peoples and engaging stakeholders on all sides of the business to help gain a deep perspective on the brand. This provided vast amounts of data about not only how the company was viewed in the marketplace, but how to strengthen branding with clients, staff, and industry partners.

The Solution: A full brand report showed numerous areas of strength and several opportunities to help make Peoples even stronger.

The Results: We can’t completely let the cat out of the bag, but coming summer 2016 Peoples is set to make a big splash in the Vancouver area. Keep your eyes on Dunsmuir for more to come!

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