Downtown Langley Videos Go Viral

The problem: The Downtown Langley Business Association asked us to help them generate buzz and attract shoppers to the businesses in Downtown Langley using a number of promotional videos that had been produced by one of our great creative partners, Jef Gibbons. With these videos in hand, all we needed was the right strategy to get them in front of as many Lower Mainland residents and visitors as possible.

The data: Online audiences are known to have a short attention span. The longer your video is, the fewer people will make it to the end. A study by Wistia found that for videos 4-5 minutes in length, fewer than 60% of your viewers will still be with you by the end—compared to 75% for videos under 2 minutes. We knew that for Facebook and YouTube, where these videos were going, we would have to keep the message short and sweet.

The solution: Our strategy was to take these great quality videos that were 5-6 minutes in length and cut them down into short, fun, and engaging 30-second promos that would get people excited about shopping and dining in Downtown Langley! Each month from April through September, we launched a feature video taking viewers on a journey—from discovering the businesses in Downtown Langley to learning about why each business owner is so passionate about calling Downtown Langley home. To encourage engagement on social media, we offered a weekly prize where anyone who commented or joined the DLBA mailing list would have a chance to win $100 Downtown Dollars, which they could spend at any of the local businesses featured in the videos.

The results: The campaign generated 1.7 million impressions, 632,000 video views, 4,760 likes, comments, and shares, and more than 620 new email subscribers. We’d say it was a hit!

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