Thomson Roof Treatment is a family-owned business that we had the pleasure of rebranding a few years back. In 2016, they asked us to redesign their website and we couldn’t have been happier to give them a polished, professional and more functional new site.

About Thomson

Thomson Roof Treatment has been the name in moss removal in Victoria for over 35 years. Their effective, pet- and garden-friendly, moss and mildew removal treatment has created a loyal following throughout the city. Their one-of-a-kind roof treatment helps homeowners preserve the life of their roof while improving the look of their biggest investment--their home.


Working closely with the team at Thomson, we designed and built a new website with a cleaner look and improved functionality, including the ability to integrate online orders into their workflow system.

Vital Statistics

  • 5 illustrated icons
  • 4 illustrated staff portraits

Fun Details

One of the things missing from the previous Thomson Roof Treatment site was a headshot and profile for each member of the team. They wanted to include this on the new site, but finding time in their schedules for a photoshoot proved to be a challenge. Fortunately, we happened to have a skilled artist on our team (actually, we have three!) and she was able to draw a portrait of each member of the TRT family. Problem solved.

Additional Fun Fact

When you hover over the “Get a quote” button on the homepage, the background changes to an image of roof tiles. This is the kind of thought our design team puts into every detail!

Key Improvements 

There were several criteria that we needed to achieve with the new website:

  • A clean new look
  • Improved navigation
  • Mobile-friendly design; and
  • The ability to integrate online orders into their workflow system to improve efficiency and speed up the payment process

Our goal with this website redesign was to create something that the client would be really happy with and that would make their lives easier every day. We’re really happy with how it turned out and we hope that, like a well-maintained roof, it will serve them well for years to come.

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