Centre Grand Opening Draws a Crowd

The Problem: Faced with several aging and overused community centres, the City of Langley made the bold move to rebuild and expand City Hall to include a new multi-floor fitness and community facility that boasted weight rooms, spin classes, an indoor walking/running track, full gymnasium, community kitchens and much more! With the grand opening less than 6 months away, the City looked to Loomo to help spread word about the opening and build interest in membership sign-ups. Our goals included packed Grand Opening and Open House days, as well as increased membership purchases, specifically with younger members.

The Data: The City of Langley is home to several distinct communities, with a range of community centre users. Data showed that over 50% of users were seniors within short drive or walking distance of the facility. Their interest was in using the centre’s many fitness and social programs. Families and youth made up the remaining amount at 30% and 20%, respectively with interests leaning towards fitness and youth events. With audiences so disparate, marketing would have to span several different channels and sales messages.

The Solution: Each month, the campaign focused on a different theme for getting healthy and fit, with the ongoing goal to drive pre-registration for passes and membership. The campaign started in December and to kick it off we handed out over 3,000 stocking stuffer flyers at local grocery stores and the Langley Christmas parade. Each flyer gave 7 free days access to the Timms Centre, with the tag line “Give the gift of health this Holiday season!” The flyers were coupled with a campaign landing page to gather email subscribers as well as a trackable phone number for those who did not have internet access. Social media ads were also used to further promote the Christmas gift with local families and youth.

In this way, each month of the campaign used a different theme to help raise interest in the soon-to-open centre and reach audiences via different channels. Channels included a central campaign landing page, print ads, press releases, YouTube videos, social media posts, email newsletters, social contests, and posters placed in local high-traffic locations.

The Results: Within 2 weeks, the campaign had over 600 confirmed registrants for the passes, a 20% conversion rate! These included all age groups and also those who signed up via the telephone call tracking system. By the end of the campaign, online ads were viewed by nearly 60,000 local residents, resulting in thousands of website hits and hundreds more pass registrants.

Best of all, the Grand Opening and Open House events were packed to the brim with new visitors and those wanting new memberships. The line up was literally out the door! Currently over 2,000 7-day passes have been claimed and nearly 1,500 new memberships have been opened… and counting.

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