Whenever we have the opportunity to build a brand from the ground up, we feel a responsibility to create something that stands out and gets noticed in the industry. This is the story of how we helped build the Lambert Law brand.

About Lambert Law

Lambert Law is a Victoria-based injury law firm that serves clients across southwestern BC. They believe no one should be prevented from making a full recovery due to an inability to pay. For over 20 years, Rory Lambert and his team have been helping people get the compensation they need to regain their health and well-being following a collision, slip and fall incident, or medical malpractice.

Lambert Law is known for their skill in collaborating with health care practitioners to help speed their clients’ recovery, and for their willingness to go to bat for their clients to maximize the amount of funding they receive.


Working closely with Rory Lambert, we spent several months developing the brand, building a new website, and designing signage, stationery and business cards.

Vital Statistics

  • 24 colour palette variations
  • 40+ brand mark variations
  • 8 final brand mark files

Fun Details

The reason so many final files of the brand mark are needed is that it ensures you get the ultimate colour consistency wherever the brand mark is used. Having the option to use CMYK, RGB, or Pantone colours, and a main, greyscale, or reverse-colour brand mark, guarantees your brand will appear exactly as it should whether on web, fax, photocopy, or printed on coated or uncoated paper stocks.


All the right type

For many people, typography is an afterthought, but selecting the right typeface is important because it’s the first impression people will have of your company. It needs to communicate the right message.

We selected Cooper Hewitt, since it communicates credibility and trustworthiness, characteristics that align with Lambert Law’s values and that people are looking for in a lawyer. To quote Matthew Butterick, Harvard Grad and distinguished typographer, Cooper Hewitt is “dis­tinc­tive, it’ll never break, won’t be obso­lete in three years, and won’t need to be upgraded.”


Creating the Brand Mark

First, it was important that the Lambert Law brand mark reflected the firm’s focus on client health and well-being, as that’s one of the most critical characteristics that sets it apart from other law firms. The Swiss cross in the upper right-hand corner is a visual reminder of that commitment.

We also wanted to make sure the brand would stand out in the sea of other injury law firms. We did an analysis of the top personal injury law firms in North America and noticed a clear trend towards conservative brand colours--primarily blue and black, as well as red and occasional gold/brown. Blending in was not an option, so we presented the Lambert Law team with a few more daring options. Purple emerged as the winner.

The impact of the bold and sophisticated hue couldn’t be denied--particularly when compared to the overused and predictable colours of almost every other firm in the industry.

The next step was adding a soft grey as a secondary colour to balance the purple and give the brand mark a well-rounded appearance. The purple was intentionally placed only on the word “Lambert” to draw attention to the name of the firm and focus on the fact that what makes Lambert Law special, is in fact Lambert himself (and his unique approach to personal injury law).

Additional Fun Fact

When we’re creating a brandmark, we always show the proofs to the client in black and white first. That’s because we want them to select a brandmark based on its composition and not be influenced by the subtle personal biases and psychological associations that come with colour. Once they’ve determined which lockup, layout, or logo they prefer, we later present the selected brandmark in a range of colour combinations.


Building the website

Since Lambert Law didn’t yet have a website, we had the opportunity to design and build this one from scratch. Some of the primary requirements of the site were:

  • That it was mobile-friendly (always a must)
  • That the information was clear and easy to understand
  • That the layout was clean, professional, and simple to navigate
  • That it was easy for visitors to get in touch with the team at Lambert Law; and
  • That it reflected the new brand clearly and cleanly

Our graphic designers and web developers got to work making sure each of these elements was in place. We also included several compelling case studies from Rory’s practice, with links to the actual court documents--because showing the great results you’ve achieved is always better than simply telling people about them. For a testimonial, we posted some of the thank you letters Rory has received from clients over the years.


In designing the site, we wanted it to stand out in the same way the new brand mark does, so you’ll see that the homepage is predominantly the Lambert Law purple, with a crash statistic front and centre to underscore the number of collisions that happen in Victoria each year. Another of our favourite features is the crash map, which shows the local intersections with the greatest number of MVIs.

Our goal when designing a website is always to listen to what the client wants, apply our expertise, and create a site that is attractive, functional, and above all, reflects well on the company. We’re really happy with how the Lambert Law website turned out, and we hope that it will serve them well for years to come.

The team at Lambert Law has a reputation for going the extra mile to help people who have been injured, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to create a strong brand that reflected the firm’s values and positioned them for continued future success.

Visit the site at LambertLaw.com