Peoples Group Gets a Brand New Look

Mission overview: Peoples Group is one of Canada’s most unique financial institutions, providing commercial banking and lending solutions for some of the world’s best-known brands, and offering some of the highest personal savings rates in the country. Because Peoples consists of three subsidiaries (Peoples Trust, Peoples Card Services, and Peoples Payment Solutions), it had become a challenge for them to maintain a consistent brand across all channels and in all markets. To help, they asked us to perform a full-scale brand audit to help define the brand from the inside out. The results created a framework for a refreshed brand, including an exciting new retail space, advertising presence, and website redesign.

Loomo is our laser, helping our team focus on opportunities for improving our brand, creative, and communications efforts from the inside out.

Pre-flight data: In order to gain a 360° view of the brand, we conducted extensive research into the company and engaged stakeholders from all areas of the business. This provided us with a wealth of information about how the company was perceived in the marketplace as well as areas of opportunity. Once the research was complete, we provided Peoples with an in-depth brand report, including recommendations for strengthening the brand going forward, as well as specific recommendations to ensure the success of their new website and retail space.

Ready for lift-off: Throughout the year, our designers and web developers worked with Peoples on implementing the changes outlined in the brand report and building their new website. In the fall of 2016, Peoples opened their flagship retail space on Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver—complete with consistently branded ads, posters, brochures and digital signage—and in January 2017, they were ready to launch their new website at


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