Celebrating everything Downtown Langley has to offer

Downtown Langley holds a special place in our hearts. It is where our CEO, Jeremy, grew up and where he still calls home today. That’s why when we were asked in 2015 to help promote the Downtown Langley core we jumped at the opportunity. A few years, three major campaigns, and MILLIONS of social media engagements later the Downtown core is more exciting and bustling than ever before! 

Year 1 – Think you know Downtown Langley? Think Again.


The campaign

Our first campaign sought to connect locals and visitors with the incredible people and businesses that call Downtown Langley home. Each month, from April through September, we launched a new feature video, taking viewers on a journey from discovering Downtown Langley to learning about why each business is so passionate about calling Langley home. Monthly business highlights were also shared to provide a personal connection. Check out one of our faves below:



Viewers were invited to visit our campaign landing page where they could sign up to win a weekly prize of $100 Downtown Dollars. 



To keep engagement going, prizes were offered for commenting on the feature posts or joining the DLBA’s mailing list. Again, the results were incredible with hundreds of new mailing list subscribers and literally thousands of comments on Facebook and Instagram.

Winning, by the numbers

  • 1,703,492 social media engagements
  • 632,258 video views (a +316,000% boost from previous video releases)
  • 6,232 unique website visits 
  • 3,000 new Facebook followers
  • +623 new email subscribers 
  • Dozens of local prize winners 

See more at Discover Downtown Langley and watch the whole campaign on their YouTube channel!

Year 2 – A Perfect Day in Downtown Langley


The Campaign

Looking to capitalize on the success of year one, we shifted the focus of our second year’s campaign on the many things that you can do while visiting Downtown Langley. The campaign featured five different people and the different ways they could explore Downtown Langley to create their own perfect day. 

In addition to the video promotion, we also gave away weekly Downtown Dollars which gave winners cash-equivalent certificates to purchase anywhere in the Downtown core. 

Winning, by the numbers

  • 1,179,214 engagements
  • 412,021 video views
  • 24,412 Instagram views and comments
  • 7,284 unique website visits
  • 545 new email subscribers

Year 3 – Start It Up Langley



In year three, the DLBA decided to mix things up a little with the announcement of Start It Up Langley! (Hey, who is that handsome guy above?!) Start It Up Langley was an exciting contest that invited entrepreneurs from across the province to submit their own small business idea and be entered to win over $100,000 in new business start-up services and support.  The contest was promoted via a mix of traditional and digital media channels and was a national news story within only a few days.

An exciting feature of the contest was when the public was invited to vote for their favourite new business idea. From May 1 to 30, 68,401 votes were cast, creating a frenzied final push for the contestants. In the end, a new local coffee and retail shop had won, with several thousand votes in their favour above the competition. Take a look at their reveal below. 



You may be asking what 2019 has to offer? We can’t spill the beans yet, but there is a good chance it will blow your socks away! 

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