Happy Holidays!

Our clients really are the best
Working with them, we feel truly blessed
Since you clicked, we thought you might like to hear
About some of the projects we’ve worked on this year!


BC Chicken Squad

Chicken is a go-to choice because it’s so nutritious
Put some on your salad and it’s sure to be delicious!
It’s a great source of protein, and versatile too
Perfect in your pasta, stir-fry or soup!

It’s no surprise there’s always something of interest
On Chicken Squad’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
We love their recipes; it’s not hard to see why
Working with them makes us crave chicken pot pie!


City of Langley

In the spring, there was cause for much glee
As something new arrived in the City of Langley
The Timms Community Centre was—hands down—
The best new recreation centre in town

We wanted to let all the neighbours know
That they should come and say hello
So we sent out press releases and e-blasts galore
And soon throngs of people were streaming in the door!


Coast Osoyoos Beach Hotel

In the Okanagan, there’s a place you’ll find
Where you can leave your worries behind
You can put up your feet and turn off your cell
Everyone loves the Coast Osoyoos Beach Hotel

And since it’s such a perfect spot
Where it’s never too cold, or too hot
And the scenery is beautiful at the lake
Promoting this hotel is a piece of cake!



Over the summer, we saw an opportunity
To partner with credit unions in our community
Because they offer chequing accounts for free
It made sense to pay back the favour, you see

A no-cost offering was our aim
So in August, we launched our No-Fee Campaign
We met with credit unions from coast to coast
Building relationships is what we love most!


Downtown Langley Business Association

Downtown Langley is the perfect spot
To wander with friends and window-shop
With so many things to see and do
We had to tell a friend or two!

So we posted a video every week
Featuring a restaurant, shop, or boutique
We gave Downtown Dollars, and I bet you can guess
That this campaign was a huge success!


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Langley

In the heart of Langley, conveniently located
You’ll find a hotel that’s highly rated
The wifi’s complimentary, the rooms are spacious
And all the staff are extremely gracious

It’s such a comfortable place to stay
Whether you’re on a work trip or a holiday
TripAdvisor can’t recommend it enough
Promoting this brand is never tough!


Lambert Law

Our brilliant friends at Lambert Law
Are the best legal minds we ever saw
They’re dedicated to helping people in need
If you’ve been injured, they’ll come at top speed

With so many people in need of their help
We wanted to get them listed on Yelp
A brand new website was what the doctor ordered
In no time at all, they’ll have the market cornered!


Laura Ballance Media Group

Strategic communication is their strong suit
PR, advertising, and events to boot
If you need publicity, give them a shout
They’ll drop everything to help you out

They asked us for a look that was new
So we built a website of yellow and blue
Our objective was to make it known
That LBMG is in a league of their own!


New Hope Community Services Society

Our friends at New Hope are truly inspiring
Their selfless actions worth admiring
They spend their days performing good deeds
And helping refugee families in need

With a new logo and some weekly eblasts
We helped them get the news out fast
So they could continue spreading cheer
At Christmastime and all through the year!


North Peace Savings & Credit Union

North Peace Savings is the place to go
If you need insurance or a loan
Banking, investing, and mortgages, too
They have your whole financial picture in view

We’re always happy to whip up some graphics
To educate members or boost web traffic
Fort St. John loves them, and we do, too
‘Cause nothing beats working with NPSCU!


Peoples Trust

From mortgage lending to RSPs
Tax-free savings and GICs
If you’ve got a money question, they’ll come to your aid
They’ve been the experts for over three decades

While we can’t reveal what we’re working on
The project’s coming right along
And sometime in the next few weeks
You’ll finally get to take a peek!


Stewardship Foundation of Canada

The Stewardship Foundation first and foremost
Helps donors give where it matters most
Strategic giving is their métier
They’ll help you out every step of the way

One day, while taking some time to reflect
They realized donors needed a way to connect
A brand new website was their intent
As always, we gave it 100%!


Streamline Intelligence Group

Streamline Intelligence is based in New West
Their business solutions are never second best
They work through the night to ensure absolutely
That their clients’ systems are running smoothly

When it came to building a website for them
We knew it would have to be a gem
Working with Streamline was a pleasure
We think you’ll agree their site is a treasure!


Thomson Roof Treatment

When your roof could use some TLC
You need Thomson Roof, a family company
Serving the Island for over 35 years
They make moss and mildew disappear

We wanted to make their website as pretty
As the roofs they polish around the city
So it was in with the new and out with the old
Now their website is a sight to behold!


Merry Christmas and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2017!

Loomo Bug