Hosting With Loomo

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Loomo’s maintenance packages offer peace of mind, optimization, and expertise so you can be confident that your site is secure and running smoothly 24/7. The internet can be difficult and dangerous to navigate. Let us help you ensure your site offers a secure and reliable customer experience, every time.

Level 1

Brochure Websites
$ $75
  • Our basic package is where it all begins. This package includes hosting and domain registration, security updates and regular backups. Once per month, our developers will look through your site from top to bottom and make sure everything looks the way it should. If we notice anything out of place or vulnerable, we’ll fix it right away.
  • Domain Registration & Maintenance
  • Monthly Hosting
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Monthly Security Updates
  • Preferred Rates on Website Changes

Level 2

Advanced Website
$ $150
  • Want to know exactly how your website is performing? In addition to the Level 1 services, we’ll provide monthly reports on your site analytics, key performance indicators, and SEO rankings.
  • Monthly Analytics Reports
  • Marketing/Traffic KPI Tracking
  • SEO Analysis & Recommendations

Level 3

Heavy Traffic Sites & E-Commerce Solutions
$ $300
  • For websites that get heavy usage/traffic or applications that need regular support, this is the package for you. In addition to Level 1 & 2 services, we’ll review all site and server settings on a weekly basis to make sure you’re site is performing at peak levels.
  • Upgraded Servers for High-Traffic sites
  • 9-5 Phone Support
  • 24/7 Online Ticketing Support
  • Priority Account Management