Alvin Ng

Science Specialist, Frontend Developer
Areas of Focus
  • Front-end Development
  • Client Support

Web Development Diploma – Lighthouse Labs

Contact Alvin: [email protected]

Alvin’s prior careers ranged from car salesman to liquor auditor, but none has become a passion for him as development. After graduating from one of Vancouver largest coding boot-camps, he became addicted to development/programming.

Alvin enjoys buildings webpages from scratch and creating eye-catching animations. He also teaches front-end development part-time and participles in many of Vancouver’s Tech Meetups.

On his off time, you can find Alvin training for a triathlon, playing ultimate frisbee or hiking.

“I enjoy getting people’s attention and getting them involved in things. I think having someone enjoying your content can go along way to making your voice beheard in anything you do. I also fantasied by all the exciting stories I find when you just dig a little deeper into things.”