Our Approach

Use the force, Luke…

Audience first. All the time.

We live and breathe brand growth, it’s our favourite challenge. To bring to life the identity of a company in exciting new ways is what really lights our engines. So how do we do it? The tools we use to get you there may be complex, but the core of it is very simple: audience first – all the time.

It might sound obvious, but what most companies forget is that every business, organization, community and brand are all simply made up of people. If you spend the time to understand the people you are trying to reach, half of the work is done for you. Putting people first, our process for any project is as follows:

Audience Definition

Ok, so you want to grow your business. In order to build a framework to help you get there, we need to better understand the people that matter most to your success. Who are you trying to reach? What do you know about them? What actions do you want them to take? By defining your audiences, we can start to build a framework for how to engage with them.

Audience Values

What does your audience value? How does your brand or product offering align with them? If you want your brand to truly connect with people, you need to be sure that you are putting out there is in sync with what your key market is looking for – and how they are looking for it.

Brand or Project Opportunity

What is the opportunity? How does this project meet your audience and brand needs? Do you need a new logo, website, and sales materials to enter the market? Or, do you simply need to get your name out there with some targeted outreach and paid advertising? We’ll help identify the right mix of tools and tactics to launch your brand higher than ever before. Not sure what you need yet? Try our Service Selector to help guide your next steps.

Project Goals

What are your goals at the end of the day? What does success mean to you? Having well defined SMART goals to reach for gives us the ability to know when we’ve made it, or if we have more work to do. Plus, we can create better action plans for how we will get there.

Competitive Review

There’s something to be said about Sun Tzu’s approach to competition. Before we begin plans for any project we take a step back to look at your competitive landscape. What can be learned from your competition? How do they engage your audiences? What are they doing well, and how can we differentiate yourself in the marketplace? Understanding your competition helps us ensure that you will stand out from the crowd.

Game Plan

Now that we have a good understanding of your audiences, your brand, the project, and what you want to achieve it’s time to build a road map for getting you there. Think of it as planning a journey to the stars. You will certainly need a rocket, plenty of fuel, and an expert crew to make it safely. We’ll plan everything down to the last bolt and freeze-dried food packet so that you can rest easy in the cabin and enjoy the incredible view.


All systems are go for launch! Along the way, you’ll be kept up to date with your project progress by our expert team of project managers and client-facing tracking tools like Asana, DashThis, and Toms Planner.
“They’re innovative, fun, understand our industry and are advocates for it!”