What does a marketing agency cost?

Pricing Updated: July, 2023

If you’re visiting this post there’s a good chance you are like us – you prefer to know what services a company can offer and what your costs are going to be before making a buying decision. Or, having worked with us for a while, you might be wanting to add a new service and want to project how it will affect your monthly budget. Kudos to you, savvy purchaser!

Whether you are a new or a long-time partner, we’re big fans of transparency. That’s why we offer simple-to-understand pricing for all of our primary services. Take a look below to see our service listings and contact us if you want to discuss any of our services!

Branding & Graphic Design

Ad Hoc Graphic Design$100 – $150/hr *
Packaging Design & Print Support$5,000 +
Photography (Product, corporate, brand, etc.)$1,000/day
Brand & Development (Brandmark development, brand guidelines, etc.)$20,000 +
In-Depth Brand & Audience Research + Brand Development$40,000 +

Digital & Website Design

Ad Hoc Website Maintenance Support *$150/hr
Search Engine Optimization$2,500/mo
Website Design & Development

Looking for something a bit more flexible? Check out Orbit, our website solution for businesses that want to build as they grow.
$20,000 +
E-Commerce Website Development$45,000 +
Website Hosting – We offer several levels of hosting through our sister company, Simpl Hosting. View our hosting packages.

Marketing & Promotions

Ad Hoc Marketing Support *$150/hr
Content Writing (Landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, etc.)$1/word
Email List Development & Nurturing$750/mo
Digital Ads Management (15% of ad spend with $1500/mo. min)$1,500/mo +
Commercial Video Production – Per minute of final produced video. Plus production costs.$1,500/minute +
Social Media Management (strategy, content development, social engagement) $2,500/mo
Marketing Management – Fractional CMO$2,500/mo
Marketing Campaign Development (sales funnels, creative, assets, etc.)$12,000 +

Operational Costs

Project Management & Reporting (Based on retainer/project)$150/hr
Agency-Managed Ad Spend (For agency-paid ads)10% of ad spend

Frequent Questions

Q: How does pricing work for a monthly retainer?
A: Simple! Based on your marketing strategy/needs we build a monthly retainer by selecting each item that you need to come up with your monthly total.

Q: What if I just need a block of hours for miscellaneous support each month?
A: That’s perfect! We can build a custom retainer based on our ad-hoc hourly rates.

Q: I’m looking for a service that isn’t listed above.
A: Not a problem, contact us and we’ll see if there is a good fit under one of our service offerings or if we can refer you to a partner agency that might be a better fit!

* All ad-hoc work & fees will be approved in advance and detailed on your regular monthly invoice.

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Loomo is a full-service branding, creative design, and marketing agency with offices in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to see your business grow. 

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