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Why waste a tree when you can go paper free? 

As a west coast credit union serving some of BCs most unique and diverse coastal communities, First CU wanted to encourage members to switch from paper to e-statements. By doing so, they would be able to reduce operating costs while also helping the environment, eliminating the need for hundreds of trees to be cut down each year.

Our challenge was to get the message out to members across a range of small rural communities, with audiences who rarely if ever used digital marketing channels, including online banking. Our strategy was to help First CU connect with its market using a mix of traditional and digital methods, as well as getting creative in their execution. 


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Why waste a tree?

The first step in our campaign was to come up with a central theme that would capture the attention of key audiences. Initial concepts included hosting group tree-planting days for students, offering cedar tree saplings to members who switched to e-statements, or hosting a PR event with truck-loads of paper showing how much is sent to members each year in banking statements. 

In the end,  we settled on the concept of First CU donating funds for every member who switched to e-statements to support protection of natural forests and habitats across the west coast. Additionally, members could win one of five iPads for making the switch. Our slogan? “Why waste a tree when you can go paper-free?” 

One-to-one marketing

The concept of one-to-one marketing may seem a bit foreign in the days of mass-market digital ad campaigns. Sure, we can target and track based on demographics but are you speaking to people individually? Not likely. 

For the First CU paper-free campaign, our goal was to get as close to one-to-one as possible, sending letters to members who were still receiving paper statements and providing speaking notes for branch tellers to connect with targeted members in-branch. In addition, community-centric branch posters, social media infographics, and a landing page on the First CU website were developed to try and reinforce campaign messages.

Adding some glitz & glam

Finally, during the summer First CU is a regular host for outdoor movies in each of their communities. We felt this was the perfect opportunity to reach an even wider audience that included members and local community members. Using footage from around the west coast (and the talented voice stylings of our very own Luke Taylor), we put together a campaign commercial that would run before and after each movie. 

The results

At the end of the day, First CU was amazed with the response from members and non-members alike. By October, not only had 500+ members switched to e-statements but several new members had chosen to switch to First CU because of the campaign. Plus, First CU was able to save on operating costs while donating $3,100 to support protection of natural forests and habitats across the west coast. We’d say that’s a win-win-win!
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