Stellar Brand Management

Prepare to take off

These are the Voyages of the USS Loomo.
You blabbed, Quaid! You blabbed about Mars!

Who are the Loomonauts?

Loomo is a Vancouver-based branding and marketing firm that works a little differently. We believe that to get your brand out there you need to be a little out there. That means testing the boundaries of “the way things work”, and sometimes it means poking the bear to see what happens. In our experience, that’s where the results (and awards) tend to live.

We love to help brands grow because behind every up and coming brand is a person with a dream, someone who is trying to change the world in their own unique way. Our purpose is to help make their dreams come true. Who could ask for a better job than that?

Are you crazy? I don't even know anything about Mars!