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We create audience-first brand experiences

Loomo Marketing offers audacious brands a full-service branding, creative design, and marketing team dedicated to doing whatever it takes to see your business grow.

We partner with clients and brands from a wide spectrum of industries who are looking for their next big idea, direction, or tool that will take their business to a higher level. 

Brand engagement that drives business growth

As a marketing agency with a love for getting our hands dirty, Loomo focuses every action on one question: does it grow the business? 

Our unwavering focus on brand growth ensures that every new brand identity, design project, website, or marketing campaign is tied to measurable objectives that you can test, track, and prove. 

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Sometimes, the most significant changes come from moments of clarity that challenge us to rethink our potential and pursue paths that truly align with our values and aspirations.

Loomo is a full-service branding and creative agency that specializes in brand development, graphic design, web development and marketing strategy. With offices in Victoria and historic Fort Langley BC, we believe in creative ideas and solutions that tackle any problem and market research that serves as the foundation for everything we do.

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The company we keep

We are proud to work with some of Canada’s most well-known brands, and a few that are making their mark in exciting new ways. Just think about how great you would look in the family!