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Smart Attend

North America


Manufacturing Technology, IIOT

“We wanted a better system, so we invented one.”

What happens when you mix decades of plastics extrusion industry expertise, a knack for creativity, and a desire to do things better? You get Smart Attend. 

Smart Attend was born out of the desire to implement an effective production monitoring system and the frustration of not being able to find an affordable product that matched their needs. Being the innovators that they are, the team invented a new system that was cheaper and more effective than every other product on the market.

Having designed and proven the value of the system in their own manufacturing plant, Smart Attend sought a brand and web development partner to help take their sales assets to an entirely new level.


Brand Update
Graphic Design
Responsive Website Design
Marketing Strategy
Digital Advertising

Brand first, web later

Job number one for Smart Attend was to freshen up the company’s branding. Designed only a few years earlier, the team didn’t feel that the existing brand accurately reflected the product, and had already begun to look a bit dated. 

As we got started on brand analysis, we knew right away that in order to get a better feel for the project we needed to see the Smart Attend system in action. A quick (seven hour) flight and two hour car ride to Aurora, Ontario later we were on the shop floor and ready to go.


One of the primary goals for any research trip is to find product elements that stand out from the crowd. Things that catch your eye or stick in your memory.

For Smart Attend, while the heavy lifting is done in their software, their smart tower lights – capable of producing an infinite number of color-coded alerts and alarm sounds – stood out as the most recognizable brand element. We knew that including the iconic light in their branding would provide something instantly recognizable to customers.

Logo concepts included variations of different elements of the custom tower light, finally landing on the five angled LED strips as the core element that would become central to the brand. 

“You guys are amazing. Thank you.”


Max Preston Axiom Group

A website that sells

As we tell every potential web development client, we believe that your site should be doing as good a job of sales as your best employee, if not better. For Smart Attend that was 100% accurate – down to the penny.

In industrial plastics, choosing to invest in a new cost-savings tool means that you need to prove ROI even before you connect the system to your first machine. So, building a custom – and accurate – ROI calculator was important to help Smart Attend show potential customers what they could achieve in their first year. 

The calculator was also set up as a lead generation tool, sending contact info of qualified leads directly to the sales team for quick inquiry response. Smart Attend’s feedback after the first 6-months? 

“The site is doing exactly what we wanted and driving us new leads every week. Thank you!” 

Don’t get us wrong, the rest of the site is pretty spectacular as well, but that calculator is a thing of sales-driving beauty.