The 3 keys to a higher click-through rate

With customers today receiving over 120 emails per day, it should come as no surprise that they’re not reading each one from start to finish. In fact, the average amount of time they spend on each email is less than 15 seconds.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the subject line, it’s time to turn your attention to your value proposition—the message in your email that explains how your product solves your customers’ problems or improves their lives in some way.

When it comes to piquing your readers’ interest enough for them to click through, there are three keys to success.

1. Cut out jargon

The emails with the highest click-through rate tell the reader in simple terms what the product is and what it will do for them. That means using straightforward language and avoiding buzzwords at all costs.

Consider the following headlines. Which gives you a clearer understanding of the product?

  • Innovative cloud-based content marketing solutions
  • Easily schedule social media posts from your phone

The first one sounds good but unfortunately keeps your readers in the dark; the second one is easily understood. Keep it simple so your customers don’t have to guess what you’re offering.

2. Think like a customer

The second key to a high click-through rate is to focus less on the product itself and more on what the customer will get out of it. Your email should quickly answer the reader’s most important question, “What’s in it for me?”

Consider the following descriptions:

  • Our amazing new tool features market-leading technology
  • Our users saw 85% more engagement on Facebook

The first one may be true, but it doesn’t tell the reader anything about what the product does for them. Be sure to outline the benefits so your customers understand the value your product provides—and why it’s worth paying for.

3. Define what sets you apart

Whether you sell clothing or construction mortgages, you likely have competitors that offer a similar product. That’s why the third and final key to a high click-through rate is to clearly state what makes you the absolute best choice for your customer.

Ask yourself, “What will customers get from this product that they won’t get from all the other options available to them?” Whether it’s time savings, cost-savings, better quality, or superior service the answer should feature prominently in your email.

In conclusion

When you have less than 15 seconds to convince your readers that it’s worth their time to click through, every word counts. So when you’re building your next email marketing campaign, follow the three keys to success by communicating a) what your product is, b) what your readers will get out of it, and c) what makes it better than everyone else’s.

Have you tried the three keys to a high click-through rate? Tell us how it worked for you!

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